Many kudos to Techie Beckie for several fixes on both my personal computer and my business computer. She resolved a “ a blue screen of death” on my laptop, transferred all my files from my old laptop to a new one seamlessly, provided extensive help in buying the correct computer and printer, guided me through the pitfalls of Facebook and how to use it properly, cleaned my hard drive and got rid of viruses and protected my computers economically with the latest anti-virus software. At my business, she restored my non-working wifi router at a critical time during business hours, and designed and initiated a business web page for my business “economically”. In each interaction with Becky, she explained the problems and solutions in layman’s terms, and talked me down from “panic” mode to “happy” mode several times when I was facing technical difficulties.
Bob H.
Grand Rapids, MI
Becky has been most helpful and prompt in helping me "wade" through the rough waters of computers. My computer is not new, nor is it "high tech," but something went wrong and she fixed it and explained carefully what I can do to keep it working. I've had no trouble since she helped me, but it's nice to know that I can call her at almost any time if I do need help. She is professional and very considerate.
Marilyn S.
Grand Rapids, MI
Techie Becky is fabulous!! I am strictly the wrong generation for most of today's technology. My 3 year old niece knows more right now about iphones, ipads, computers and TV remotes than I ever will. Techie Becky has been a lifesaver. She is VERY patient, explains things at my pace, and in language easy for me to understand(ie plain english). I swore never to own a cellphone, but she talked me through the purchase and set up of an iphone and how to use it. She has cleaned up my computer, set up security and back up for me and has helped me clean up the mess I created when I upgraded to Windows 10. I can't survive without her now. I especially like dealing with a woman. I don't feel intimidated in asking her any question, no matter how silly it may seem, like I did the young guys at the computer stores. I highly recommend her services to anyone, but especially for those of us intimidated at the thought of embracing today's technology.
Gayle S.
Cedar Springs, MI
Speaking from personal experience, I can highly recommend Techie Becky to help you with your computer and other tech issues. I am grateful for the many times she has patiently taken care of my computer problems, helped me with my backup and tutored me when I got my iPad. Best of all, she can even work on my computer remotely. If you need help, call Becky, you will find her to be friendly, easy to talk with, and very professional at the same time.
Linda H.
Grand Rapids, MI
WOW! There are so many good things to say about ‘Techie Becky’ and her technology experience. I recently purchased a new computer and software through Becky, and I was impressed by her knowledge and how down to earth she presents information.Due to components and compatibility issues, buying a computer and software may not be as simple as it sounds. While I had many questions about my purchase, Becky made it very simple to understand and worked with me through every step of the way. It was a great experience. Communication is a major factor in purchasing the right equipment. To say the least, the clarity and expertise in Becky’s explanations was awesome.
Benn C.
Marion, OH
I have used Techie Becky’s expertise and help on several occasions. I will never go to anyone else! Her help has always been all I could have asked for and more. She is patient, easy to talk to, and always so very kind and helpful. She has even been able to help me remotely, so that she hasn’t even needed to make a visit to my home. I am comfortable asking her any “techie” question, and she never makes me feel like I’m “behind the times”.
Cathy S.